2019 Bathurst 1000 Full Race – Things to Know

By | July 18, 2018

Bathurst 1000 is not only famous in Australia, but all around the world. Bathurst 1000 full race features supercars running in maximum speed between obstacles, fans of motorsport enjoying beer and different driving team jostling to win the coveted Trophy Peter Brock.

The super hyper energy of this event is impossible without iconic scenery, fast straights and thrilling turns of the Panorama Mount Circuit. It is time to fasten your seatbelt, hang on the seat tight and get ready because here are a few reasons to joint 2019 Bathurst 1000 Full race.

Bathurst 1000 Live: Trophy Peter Brock team jostling

Incredible Hospitality

You can get the advantage of incredible hospitality. Fans of Supercars can get special packages for sports holidays. The management attends the 2018 Bathurst 1000 full race with you to understand the needs of fans.

Action Packed Bathurst 1000 Schedule

The schedule of Bathurst 1000 is packed with action. A circuit is curated that focus on the needs of guests. If you need an upgraded ticket, you can get this facility. If you want flexibility with the dates of Bathurst 1000, fire reasonable request away and the management will do its best to amend packages as per your lifestyle.

Iconic Event of Bathurst 1000

Bathurst 1000 is an iconic event on the soil of Australia. The race is going for goodness sake for more than 55 years. If you are not attending this live event, you are missing a great event. The V8 supercar wild action on the weekend, the scent of burning rubber and impending Aussie summer are some reasons to enjoy this great event. The unique off-track entertainment is a highlight to enjoy the live experience too.

Bathurst Pre-Selected Accommodation

You will need pre-selected accommodation options of Bathurst in township Bathurst. You can streamline the requirements of day and night by attending the 2019 Bathurst 1000 full race. It is essential to set the alarm and approach your hotel on time. You can collect a go trackside.

Fancy Camping (Glamping)

Tent city offers fancy glamping. Well, depending on the right amount of the 2019 Bathurst action and mingle with similar diehard fans of V8. With individual holiday packages, you can get a pre-setup carpeted tent with a steel frame and quality matters. The tents are well lit with one 12-volt light.

Fans can enjoy cold and hot breakfast as per their preferences. It will be significant to giddy up and fuel up quick, even though coach transfers may go directly to Panorama Mount. If you want to catch each action, you should approach the Panorama track early.

Exclusive Events and Merchandise 

Privileges and perks for Bathurst’s guests include admission to Motor Racing National Museum and merchandise at the paddock pass and Panorama Circuit Mount. Attendees can get a chance to enjoy each behind-the-scene action. You can get the entry in the following functions:

  • Dinner with Night Drivers Bathurst 1000
  • Dinner with Night Legends of Bathurst 1000

Unlimited fun at Bathurst 1000

Enjoy beverages, eat and be happy. You will get endless opportunities to have fun off the track and on the track. If you are moving to Bathurst town before a race, you must check these favorite places. These places allow you to have unlimited fun.

Woodfired Pizza and Church Bar

The location is centrally located and open late. You can enjoy delicious pizza and cocktail at this venue. It is one of the cool outdoor place courtyards.

George Hotel Kings

In 1853, this hotel was established in Bathurst. If you want to enjoy the original inner of CBD hotels in Bathurst, you should visit this place. Fans of Bathurst can enjoy music, hearty meals, and an excellent menu.

Irish Pub of Jack Duggan

Visitors and locals at Bathurst can get similar privileges in this pub. Established in 1849, this pub is titled after the name of notorious bushranger of Australia “Jack Duggan.” This person is known as “Wild Colonial (overseas) Boy.” This place is best for steaks in Bathurst.

These reasons are enough to attend 2019 Bathurst 1000 full race. Fans can get some excellent bonuses while watching this race. If you want to participate in this event, you should book your accommodation in advance and start your preparation.

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