Repco Bathurst: A Reliable Place to Get Auto Parts

By | July 15, 2018

Repco Bathurst is the largest supplier and reseller in automotive accessories and parts aftermarket in New Zealand and Australian. Repco is successfully operating almost 400 stores across two countries. The brand of Repco is famous for knowledge, expertise, and quality. They have everything for your vehicle. They have more than 175,000 parts. Repco gets the advantages of supplier relationships, ability to offer a wide range of services and products and excellent buying power. The company has more than 4000 employees in its 400 stores.

McLaren M6B Repco


Heritage of Repco

The 1920s were necessary for the transportation of Australia. The WWI Australians were interested in motor vehicles after the introduction of T Ford 1908 model. At that time, more than 100,000 cars were running on the road, and there was one car for every 55 individuals.

An enterprising youngster identified the growing need of replacement parts in Melbourne for all vehicles on the roads of Australia. Geoffrey Russel started a factory in Collingwood, Victoria. He was working in one tin shed and trading under his business name “Automotive (motorized) Grinding Company.”

During this time, three men in Queensland decided to carry mail via air. Their company became the national airline of Australia, Qantas. Geoff was also developing an iconic brand of Australia, REPCO (Replacement Parts Company.

Repco started his trade all over Australia and globally. During World War 2, Repco used its maximum capacity for the support of war efforts. After the war, the Repco manufacture several components of the first Holden, 1948 (48-215).

Repco Brabhams pushed Jack Brabham in 1966 to get a victory on Formula 1 Racing. For the first time, an individual won the Driver Titles and World Constructor. This achievement is rare to see even in modern ear.

With its consistent efforts, Repco moved to New Zealand. In the 1980s, the Repco was developed into a trade/retail store.

The authenticity of Repco Brand

The Repco is a famous brand for its authenticity resulting from its top-quality products. These products help them to earn the loyal customers for more than 95 years. The distribution system of Repco allows customers to get their desired parts without any delay. They are taking advantage of their high-quality services. Their competitors can’t boast of a vast store footprint. The network services of their regional stores are better than any other services.

They are partners with GPC, the global leaders. This partnership positions them with excellent data, logistics systems, and sheer scale. Their great financial capacity allows them to increase the speed of growth in the Asia Pacific, New Zealand and Australia. For this reason, it can be guaranteed that Repco always obtains the right items and send them to their customers without wasting any time at competitive rates.

Repco is number one in the automotive aftermarket of Australia. They are one of the iconic brands in Australia.

Repco Bathurst Specialized Vehicle Services

You can get particular mechanical parts for all models and makes of cars, such as passenger cars, buses, 4WD’s, vehicle fleets and more. Their vehicle products and services include:

  • Clutch and brake
  • Air conditioning
  • Auto electrical
  • Tires
  • Wheel alignment
  • Towing services
  • LPG installation
  • Engine recon
  • Filtration
  • Fluids and engine oils
  • Engine
  • Electrical parts and vehicle management
  • Driveline
  • Cooling
  • Climate control

You can get waterless coolants that have 190 °C boiling point. It is better than traditional coolant that may boil at 103 °C.

Repco VIP Program

The member of Repco club can get a card, and each member has to agree with the terms and conditions of the club. The members can get 10 percent off on fuel merchandise. The VIP members discount excludes discounted lines and catalog, combo deals, gift cards, equipment, devices with satellite navigation, cylinder and engine heads, transmissions, etc. Discount will not help you to save money at Authorized service network of Repco.

VIP members can get offers and benefits with time. Repco determines these benefits and to get discounts and benefits; you have to present the membership card. By canceling your Repco membership, you are losing all benefits. This card is not possible to transfer and always remains the Repco’s property.

In short, Repco Bathurst is successfully assisting the world’s champions by supplying high-quality auto parts. Visit their official website to explore their complete range.

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